Before transferring to San Jose State University, Joy was a student at the University of Guam. She chose Accounting as her major because she grew up a business family background, and she likes that accounting is interesting and challenging. Joy joined ISACA because the events that ISACA held and the speaker came to the ISACA’s meeting helped her understand the different roles in the accounting industry and the structures of different firms. Also, joining ISACA can help her make new friends who have similar career plans as hers. As the VP of events of ISACA, she would like to host more social events to allow students developing their networking skills. Joy currently works at RD’s tax department, and she will start her tax Internship with BDO in July 2019. Joy likes going to the gym, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and snowboarding. A fun fact about her is that she lived on a small island called Guam for many years. 

Tao ning, Vice President of PR/Marketing

Jasmine transferred from Sierra College in Rocklin. Her reason of choosing Accounting Information System major was because of her first accounting class at Sierra. Her professor made accounting so interesting to her, and she learned accounting was an important role in business and in everyday lives. She has volunteered at Roseville’s Recreational Center as a front desk receptionist and a helper in different public events. During her last year at Sierra College, she was the Ambassador and then the Vice President of the Business Club. Like for most people, she was first introduced to ISACA through one of her business professors. After becoming a member for a year, she has met new people, learned about different firms, and been given many opportunities to push herself forward. As an ambassador for ISACA, she wants to help all the board officers to make ISACA approachable and enjoyable for everyone. In her free time, she likes to work out, go outdoors, enjoy time with her family and friends, and do arts and crafts. A hobby of her is that she does hula and Tahitian dancing.

Daniel’s major is accounting, which he chose to pursue because of the numerous opportunities that an accounting degree can offer him. Additionally, he believes accounting is a good fit for him since he enjoys mathematics and organizing things in a clear and logical manner. This past summer, he worked in the Outsourced Finance department for ACG Certified Public Accountants as an Intern. Daniel has been designated as a President's Scholar twice and was initiated into the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society in the Spring of 2018. He is also a recipient of the Reynolds Scholarship in the Lucas College of School and Business. Daniel chose to join ISACA because he was looking to network with professionals and others who were as interested in accounting and AIS as he was. ISACA also allowed him to have a better understanding of the different career paths in accounting and equipped him with knowledge that will help set him up for success in his future career. As the VP of Internal Affairs, Daniel wants to keep people up to date, as much as possible, on ISACA events and encourage them to attend as many as they can so that more people can benefit from and enjoy what ISACA has to offer.

Yakshita joined ISACA in her freshman year, because she wanted to be more involved in SJSU, and she found ISACA was a perfect place for her. Before she became the president of ISACA, She acquired the role of Vice President of External Affairs. ISACA helped her to expand her knowledge,develop her skills and to think out of the box. ISACA also played an important role in developing of her personality and giving her exposure to various opportunities. As the president, she wanted to help and make ISACA a pleasant experience for all the current and new ISACA members. She is an international student from India and decided to major in Accounting Information System. She chose AIS because she loves accounting and is amazed at how accounting and IT can come together and work as a profession. Yakshita is currently working for Spartan Eats on campus and her future plans include becoming a CPA and wish to work with a public accounting firm after graduation. A fun fact about Yakshita is that she is an avid reader, she would stay up all night just to read if she could. She also loves to sing and travel. Last but not least, she can speak four languages fluently.​

Dheeptha is a Finance major and she chose this career path because she felt that it would match her skills of analysis and communication. Before she joined ISACA, she was the president and secretary for a cultural club back in high school, and she was also part of FMA's Operations Committee last semester. She chose to join ISACA because she believed ISACA provided its members with valuable experience and exposure to professional, and ISACA also provides the members with a family and promotes a sense of camaraderie. She hopes to grow professionally and academically with ISACA and help the members of ISACA do the same. Being the General Director of ISACA, she wants to support ISACA’s members to explore different opportunities. Her dream job is to be managing in the Finance or Accounting firm because she believes that it would challenge her and allow her to benefit the company and its employees. For her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and watching movies. She also loves traveling and so she has been to the East Coast, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and London.

Vicki Nguyen, Vice President of External Affairs

After two years of studying general business in De Anza College, Tao transferred to San Jose State University to continue study business and decided to concentrate on accounting. Tao believed that a business degree could offer her various career options, and she’s assertive about working in the accounting field after earning her bachelor degree. She worked as a cashier and an accounting assistant in the De Anza Printing Service Department, she gained some hands-on experience in Accounting. She heard ISACA in her first semester of SJSU; she learned a lot of career advice and companies and met many friendly peers and professionals by attending ISACA’s different meetings. Moreover, she wanted to be more involved in ISACA and applied to be the Director of Internal Affairs. Now, as the Vice President of PR/Marketing, Tao wants to contribute more to ISACA’S decision making processes, and help ISACA to collect more resources and appeal more student to join ISACA. She likes yoga, jogging, and outdoors. Photographing is also another of her hobbies, and she believes every photograph tells a story.  

Xi Gao wanted to be a professional accountant or financial planner, and that’s also why she chose Accounting as her major. The first time she heard ISACA was in a business class; meanwhile, she was looking for a club that has a close connection to her major and can be beneficial to her future career. By attending ISACA’s different workshops and events, she made new friends and generated connections with many professionals. She says ISACA had many meaningful meetings that inspired her and improved her for better herself. She is also an American Association of University Woman scholar. In this past summer, she participated in the RSM’s summer leadership program. She likes hiking, skiing, swimming, traveling, reading books, watching movies, and listening to the podcast. Another fun fact about her is that she just got married on June 1st of 2018.

James, secretary

Vicki joined ISACA due to her professor’s recommendation. Being an ISACA member, she had many chances to meet and network with different students, recruiters, and professionals. ISACA allowed her to know more about public accounting and many different accounting companies. Her previous major was general Business because she wanted to have a broad view of business first and then decide what specific business area she wants to focus on. After taking many different business classes, she realized Accounting Information System was a great major for her. In this past summer, she had a revenue internship and learned a lot of new skills in the accounting field. As the Vice President of External Affairs of ISACA, she hopes to bring more accounting companies and workshops to help the current and future ISACA members prepare for their dream jobs. To spend her free time, she likes cooking and exploring new recipes. Besides, reading comic books, watching Korean drama and sleeping are her favorite activities as well.

Dheeptha anoop kumar General director
Joy wang , Vice President of Events 
xi gao, Treasurer
Jasmine fernandez, Internal Control Ambassador
Daniel Seril, VICE President of Internal Affairs
Yakshita Rautella, President

James is a transfer student from San Joaquin Delta College. He gained Outstanding Academic Achievement by maintaining 4.0 GPA since his first attendance at San Joaquin Delta College. He fell in love with accounting when he took his very first accounting course there. He is currently working for Craig I. Mizuno, CPA as a tax preparer and bookkeeper. According to James, his passion for accounting has grown and strengthened since his employment at Craig I. Mizuno, CPA. He says he decided to join ISACA mainly because of the club's friendly and welcoming atmosphere. ISACA has helped him on meeting a lot of different people, professionals, and companies, improving his professional image, and getting selected to the summer leadership program of RSM and EY. As part of ISACA, James not only wants to fulfill his responsibilities as a secretary but also willing to energize and encourage the more students to be part of ISACA. He is a fan of country music, baseball, football, and Marvel. Another fun fact about him is that he can speak with a British and Southern accent, and he wants to live in England and retire in Scotland.