Cyan Macias, Director of External Affairs

After completing her three-year undergraduate in Accounting and Finance degree in India, she transferred to SJSU in Fall of 2016 to obtain a U.S. degree. Being a member of ISACA has given her knowledge about the big 4’s and other regional accounting firms and has opened her to interactions with professionals from many firms. This upcoming summer Shwetha looks forward to working full time with PwC in Fall 2018 and is currently working part-time as an accounting assistant at ONDA Corp, Sunnyvale. As the VP of events, she will organize opportunities that will help other students get involved and be informed about the resources ISACA provides. In the future Shwetha plans to get her CISA certification. In her free time she enjoys taking yoga classes, swimming and biking for fun. 

swetha sathya , Vice President of Events 
Mebrat Tesfagaber, Treasurer
Yakshita Rautella, Vice President of External Affairs

Like many others in ISACA, Cyan transferred to State from a community college, Cabrillo College, in Fall 2016 and is also an Accounting Information System major. Cyan joined ISACA because she was intrigued with our father chapter, ISACA SV, and began volunteering there occasionally. By taking initiative of being the External Director of ISACA, she hopes she can share her personal experience with new members about joining ISACA-SJSU and ISACA-SV and be the middle man between students and professionals. Cyan is a very active Spartan both on-campus and off-campus. She is a member of EOP, ISACA, BARC, and GoaL. The year of 2018 makes it the third year that she is a volunteer at VITA shadowing an Income Tax position. Cyan's dream job is to land a position where she can confidently apply her knowledge and skills of business management, accounting, and IT. As for fun facts about her, she absolutely loves food, enjoys 80s music, and loves to talk to new people so don't be shy to come up to her!

Rida enrolled to SJSU with a major in CAF (Corporate Accounting and Finance) after transferring from Ohlone and Chabot College where she earned AA degrees in Human Development and Business Administration. Although she is not an AIS major like most members of ISACA, joining this club was a perfect way for her to learn about IT and gave her insight on what career opportunities she wanted to pursue. She credits ISACA for giving her the opportunity to properly network and expand her relationships with others in the industry. Rida understands what it is like to be a new transfer student that doesn't know how to build themselves in the business world, so she feels she can reciprocate what she has learned thus far through the role as Vice President of PR/Marketing. She wants the current and future members of ISACA to feel like they are a part of a strong organization that provides multiple resources for their benefit and aims to make ISACA a successful organization. This past summer Rida participated in EY and PwC's leadership programs and she has recently accepted an internship offer with PwC in their Risk Assurance program for the upcoming summer. She is hopeful to attain a CPA and will proceed to get CISA certified in the future but ultimately wants to start her own business. In her spare time she enjoys taking up DIY projects, binge watching Netflix shows, and creating various hair and makeup looks.

Jerome salom, President
Aishwaria singh, secretary

Zenaida is a transfer student from De Anza and got into accounting because of the wide variety of opportunities the field offers. Her father is an accountant and she used to work with him for a long period of time which cultivated her interest. While she lived in Argentina she used to be the VP of talent management for a NGO called AIESEC. Zenaida credits ISACA for helping her meet different people and introducing her to professionals that she connected with during meetings. This process helped her attain an internship and full time offer with EY for advisory in Fall 2018. She is currently working at the College of International and is also an active member of LSBA on campus. Through this role, Zenaida wants to expose others to the same opportunities she received throughout her time in ISACA. She is planning on getting her CPA first and intends on getting a CISA or CISSP certification afterwards. Her dream job is to be an advisor for a tech company that will make a position impact in the world. In Zenaida's free time, she plays soccer, dances, and hangs out with friends. Traveling is her passion so any money she makes goes to plane tickets. 

Unlike many other board members in SJSU ISACA, Yakshita has acquired the role as Vice President of External Affairs just in her second semester of freshman year. She has decided to major in Accounting Information System and is an international student from India. She chose AIS because she loves accounting and is amazed at how accounting and IT can come together and work as a profession. Because she is a freshman, she does not have a lot of experience at hand yet, but we believe she should be applauded at her motivation to thrive so early on in her college career. Yakshita believes that ISACA not only provides a platform for her to connect with professionals, but it also helps her make meaningful connections with other students who are form the same academic groups. She believes this exposure will help her grow her horizon and the cherry on top is that she gets to make so many new friendships. Yakshita is currently working for Spartan catering on campus and her future plans include becoming a CPA. A fun fact about Yakshita is that she is an avid reader, she would stay up all night just to read if she could. She also loves to sing and travel. 

Zenaida Ginel, General director

Aishwaria is an accounting major and she chose this career path because she felt like she could keep herself interested in this work for the long run. She chose to join ISACA because she felt really comfortable with the people in the club and wanted to expand her network. ISACA helped her begin speaking to different firms and companies and through this process she was able to get multiple professional opportunities. Aish is grateful that ISACA gave her the ability to improve her soft skills because she had to talk to so many different people and professionals. As Secretary, she wants to help ISACA grow with more members and have more meetings where we call in different firms. She want the members to feel comfortable talking to new people and meeting with professionals as well as having the same opportunities that she has. Aishwaria is looking forward to her internship this upcoming summer with KPMG and she is currently working at the Event Center on campus. She plans on doing her CPA and hopes to get a full-time offer at KPMG once she graduates. In her free time, she loves reading, binge watching Supernatural, and sleeping. 

Rida Adam, Vice President of PR/Marketing

Mebrat is a transfer student from De Anza College and plans to graduate from SJSU in Summer 2018. She chose ISACA because it gave her the confidence to network with professionals and meet students that share the same passion and commitment towards accounting and IT. In her time as treasurer, she wants to meet and exceed standards of accuracy, reliability, communication, and innovative thinking. With leadership experience, hands-on experience, and an optimistic personality she believes we can make ISACA the place where members can enhance their skills, expand their professional knowledge, and connect them with a vibrant community of peers. Mebrat wants to be CPA certified and work in a public accounting firm. During her time off from school and work, she likes to travel and spend quality time with family.

shelly lin, President of Internal Affairs

Shelly is an Accounting Information Systems major with a minor in Computer Science. She chose ISACA to meet people in her major and professionals in the industry. She says that ISACA has connected her with a lot of new people, and it has given her a boost of confidence in socializing with her peers and professionals. As the VP of Internal Affairs, she would like to give support and advice to all members and promote growth within the club by developing new connections to the industry. Shelly is here to provide a positive persona to the future board members of ISACA to build their abilities and fuel their aspirations. She has previously participated in the Sensiba San Filippo Leadership Program and is currently a computer support and IT purchasing student assistant as well as a part of the operations team in IDEAS on campus. She plans on obtaining a CPA and CISA after graduation. Shelly enjoy hiking, cooking, traveling, and watching movies. Two things that she loves the most are dogs and ice cream. 

As a fellow AIS major with a minor in Communications, Jerome discovered the world of accounting after taking a class during high school. Jerome attended a meeting hosted by ISACA, he had learned of the great opportunities that came with being in AIS. ISACA helped Jerome reassure that he made the right choice and subsequently joined ISACA in the spring of 2016. ISACA gave Jerome exposure to many different firms, valuable advice during meetings, as well as opportunities to meet many great and interesting people in the process. After ISACA helped Jerome realize his potential as a professional, he feels the need to give back by becoming President, informing current and potential members of the great things ISACA has to offer while generating exposure for the organization. Jerome has been awarded Deans scholar for three consecutive years and is on track for a third year. He plans on meeting the 150-unit requirement to become CPA certified, and becoming CISA certified in the future. Jerome likes learning a few foreign languages on the side, which has come in handy on multiple occasions and may become a valuable asset in his future endeavors.