​Trinh chose to major in AIS because she believes it will add an advantage in information technology and benefit her in the Silicon Valley. She is an international student from Vietnam and has kept herself very busy and involved. Trinh has dedicated her time in various organizations like PwC and KPMG Leadership Programs, accounting assistant at student union, Inc. at SJSU, and came in third place in ISACA Competition Fall 2016. Trinh says that not only has ISACA taught her how to approach the employees, build her resume, practice interview skills, and expand her networks,  but it also presented the opportunity to connect with people she feels are as close as family. Her goal as a board member is to be proactive when approaching members and introducing them to what ISACA has to offer. Trinh will be taking up an offer at PwC as a Risk Assurance intern in summer of 2017. In the future she plans on getting her CPA and CISA and aims to become a manager at PwC. When Trinh isn’t doing school work or working she enjoys cooking and trying foods from different cultures, traveling, and practicing Karatedo.

Rene Ledezma, Director of External Affairs

Miguel originally studied Economics at UCSB but  recently transferred into SJSU from De Anza College to pursure the field of AIS. Through an internship at State Farm, Miguel achieved certifications to transact home, auto, life, and general liability insurance contracts on behalf of his agent. This opportunity refined his skills in accuracy, accountability, and confidentiality. When beginning his journey at SJSU, Miguel knew he would aim towards a career in cyber security or internal controls, so he felt ISACA was the perfect fit. He believes the best thing about being in ISACA is having the support from other AIS or Accounting majors whether it is in recruiting, help in class, or simply being there for advice. Miguel keeps himself busy by coaching high school wrestling, and working on campus as a Conversation Partner Assistant. He has recently accepted a summer internship at EY in the Risk Advisory program. In the future he plans to get his CPA and advance to achieving the CISA after that. When it comes to free time, Miguel enjoys exercising, spending the day with friends watching movies and playing video games, and ocassionally participates in day-trading stocks.

As a transferee from San Jose City College, Shahnaaz initially chose Accounting as her major. After joining ISACA and taking Advanced AIS courses, she realized that switching to an AIS major would provide her with great opportunities like auditors, system auditors, consulting and many more. Shahnaaz chose to join ISACA in her first semester at SJSU and was happy that she did, considering the many opportunities it gave her. ISACA allowed her to meet new people and make many new friends as well. She started out shy and wary of speaking up, but now Shahnaaz is more comfortable in networking and putting herself out in the business world. With all that ISACA has done for her, she feels it is time for her to give back as Vice President of Public Relations. Shahnaaz wants to attract more students and reach out to her audiences while reaching her target on time. In the future, Shahnaaz plans to get a CISA certification and possibly CPA as well. She dreams of working for a company such as Google. For fun, she loves hiking, playing cards, and listening to music. She also loves traveling and plans to travel the world one day.

Matthew Brewer, Secretary

Evelyn has been affiliated with ISACA for more than 2 years and have served as a board member for 2 semesters. She is a transferred student from West Valley College and is now an Accounting Information Systems major at San Jose State University. Evelyn plans to take CPA in the future. She has interned with PwC under Risk Assurance in the summer of 2016 and will start a full-time position with the firm on August 2017. She has an interest in technology, and the Bay Area is her favorite place to live. Whenever Evelyn has free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, baking and listening to music. She is also licensed in teaching Zumba and dancing is her favorite workout.

Olivia’s interest for numbers and puzzles led her in the direction of accounting which catered toward her love of human relations as well as problem-solving. She transferred with honors from Cabrillo College where she received her communications award.  ISACA has expanded her community network and given her more insight about AIS. This upcoming summer Olivia will be an assurance intern at EY in their San Jose office and is currently a server at a small Japanese restaurant. As the VP of events, she will invest time with Business Olympics and wants to increase focus on community college outreach. In the future Olivia plans on becoming a CPA and is keeping her doors open to all options, but believes her interests will drive her towards bio-engineering companies. In her free time she likes to long board and considers herself a huge foodie.​

Olivia Herold, Vice President of Events 
Anulekha Chillal, Treasurer
Miguel Horta, Vice President of External Affairs
Rida Adam, Vice President of Marketing

Rene chose to become an AIS major after transferring from Evergreen Valley College because it was something he found interesting coming into San Jose State University. Rene chose to join ISACA so that he can learn more about IT and network with professionals. ISACA has showed him how to build strong relationships with those around him, be more social, and take on different roles now as External Director. He would like to help our fellow board members with any tasks that are needed, keep a strong relationship with ISACA Silicon Valley and get acquainted with new members throughout the semester. Rene has volunteered in Habitat for Humanity and plans to volunteer at Veggielution this year as well. He currently works as a Financial Service Representative at Self-Help Federal Credit Union for the past two years. After graduating in Spring 2017, Rene plans to become CISA and CPA certified. Rene likes to be outdoors and experience new adventures by either biking, running, hiking, going to the beach, parks, and traveling to new places whenever possible.

Shahnaaz Kaur, Vice President of Public Relations

Rida enrolled to SJSU with a major in CAF (Corporate Accounting and Finance) after transferring from Ohlone and Chabot College where she earned AA degrees in Human Development and Business Administration. Although she was not an AIS major like most members of ISACA, joining this club was a perfect way for her to learn about IT and gave her insight on what career opportunities she wanted to pursue. She credits ISACA for giving her the opportunity to properly network and expand her relationships with others in the industry. Rida understands what it is like to be a new transfer student that doesn't know how to build themselves in the business world, so she feels she can reciprocate what she has learned thus far through the role as Vice President of Marketing. She wants the current and future members of ISACA to feel like they are a part of a strong organization that provides multiple resources for their benefit and aims to make ISACA a successful organization. Rida plans to be eligible for the CPA exam by graduation and in the future wants to start her own business. In her spare time she enjoys taking up DIY projects, binge watching Netflix shows, and creating various hair and makeup looks.

Anu transferred from De Anza College in fall 2015 and since then has made a tremendous impact. She chose accounting because it gives students the tools to allow them to delve into lot of options in the business world. Anu had interned at Infinera Corporation as an Operations Analyst and was part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at De Anza. She was drawn towards ISACA due to the fluidity it had. Planning two collaborative meetings with them as a FMA officer, a joint EY meeting and the Ericsson resume workshop yielded positive experiences. As treasurer, Anu wishes to maximize ISACA’s financial resources to make sure ISACA can plan all of their meetings and events to be as resourceful and efficiently as possible. Anu is committed to create a positive environment along with her fellow officers—answering members’ questions, responding actively on their feedback, and so forth. Anu spends her time volunteering at the community garden at SJSU and is working on a marketing case study about Big Data and Oracle on the side just for fun. She plans on being CPA-eligible upon graduation. Polymer clay sculpting and baking are two of her favorite hobbies; she also likes watching Casey Neistat videos and eating kettle-corn.

Jerome Salom, Vice President of Internal Affairs
Jennifer Chien, President
​Evelyn Chu, General Director

As a fellow AIS major with a minor in Communications, Jerome discovered the world of accounting after taking a class during high school. Jerome attended a meeting hosted by ISACA, he had learned of the great opportunities that came with being in AIS. ISACA helped Jerome reassure that he made the right choice and subsequently joined ISACA in the spring of 2016. ISACA gave Jerome exposure to many different firms, valuable advice during meetings, as well as opportunities to meet many great and interesting people in the process. After ISACA helped Jerome realize his potential as a professional, he feels the need to give back by becoming  Vice President of Internal Affairs, informing current and potential members of the great things ISACA has to offer while generating exposure for the organization. Jerome has been awarded Deans scholar for three consecutive years and is on track for a third year. He plans on meeting the 150-unit requirement to become CPA certified, and becoming CISA certified in the future. Jerome likes learning a few foreign languages on the side, which has come in handy on multiple occasions and may become a valuable asset in his future endeavors.

​Providing sound financial advice to clients of all socioeconomic classes is her steadfast passion, and majoring in Accounting Information Systems at San Jose State University will enable Jennifer to reach this goal. She says that Accounting and IT go hand-in-hand and the skills students learn in AIS classes, along with being actively involved in student organizations, will differentiate them from other job seekers at the same level. Being involved in ISACA has sharpened Jennifer’s soft skills including planning, recruiting, and supporting a team. She is excited to utilize the abilities she has acquired to cultivate the success of all ISACA members. Jennifer believes ISACA opens up a vast network that leads to career opportunities in companies covering all industries. She interned with EY Financial Services Office Advisory during summer 2016 and has received an offer to work full time with EY’s Financial Services Office Advisory team upon graduation. In her leisure time, Jennifer enjoys traveling, volunteering, and playing sports. Her excitement to work alongside the ISACA board to support members transitioning from being students to professionals is what makes her perfect for this role. 

Trinh Pham, Director of Internal Affairs

Matt transferred from Foothill in Fall of 2016 and is majoring in Accounting. He has previous work experience in food, service, and insurance industries, and in all cases has always prioritized customer service above all else. ISACA has provided him with some of the greatest professional connections and he is extremely proud to be part of an organization that is comprised of such hard working students and professionals. Matt's goal is to be a CPA and work full time at a firm then aims to start his own business one day. His goal of educating himself is a lifelong endeavor which can always be improved upon. Matt has recently accepted an offer at PwC for an internship this coming summer and keeps himself busy by being an active member of other clubs at SJSU. He is also involved in volunteer work with animals, habitat for humanity, and an environmental non-profit. In his leisure time, Matt enjoys exercising, home-brewing, going to baseball games, and consuming any kind of “infotainment,” be it a TED Talk, documentary or podcast.