Lori Daly

You don’t need to look far to find an ISACA SJSU success story! Our members, past and present, are achieving great things and they have lots of advice to share with us.

Current member and Accounting Information Systems major, Lori Daly, has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Not only has she interned for and accepted an offer from Big Four accounting firm PwC, but she has also recently passed the CISA exam.

What are the secrets to Lori’s success? Keep reading:

Q: Why did you first join ISACA SJSU?

A:  I didn’t plan on joining any student club but I decided to join ISACA my senior year. I joined ISACA student group because it is affiliated with ISACA-Silicon Valley, and the greater global organization. I also became a Student Member of ISACA-Silicon Valley which has great benefits like you pay a reduced member fee, can attend local chapter meetings, and receive a discount on products like CISA study tools.

Q: How have you benefited from ISACA SJSU?

 A:  Besides the extra credit, attending meetings gives you current information and topics that you can discuss with professionals and in interviews. The ISACA student group has guest speakers from the Big 4 and regional accounting firms and you have a chance to network with them before and after meetings. Many of these professionals are the same people that conduct internship and campus hire interviews. If you already know the person who is interviewing you, it can be a huge advantage.

Q:  Where have you interned?

A: I was a Risk Assurance intern at PwC this past summer and I accepted their offer for full time employment in 2014.

Q:  What did you learn/do during your internship?

A:  It was about an 8 week internship; the first week was Risk Assurance Training in San Francisco and the final week was team building at Disney World Florida. In between that I worked at several different technology and semi-conductor companies in the Bay Area doing external IT audit. What I learned as an intern is how to put all the theory I learned in school to practical use.

Q:  You recently passed the CISA exam. What are your tips for passing it?

 A: Yes, I passed the CISA exam that was offered this past September. I spent about 40 hours over the summer studying the CISA Practice Questions Database. I recommend using the Database but don’t try to memorize the correct answer, read the explanation given of why the other answers were incorrect too. The questions are very similar to those on the exam and the CD-ROM also includes sample exams that simulate taking the real one.

Q: Do you plan on sitting for the CPA exam, and why?

A: Yes, I plan sit for all four parts of the CPA exam during the first half of 2014. I have previous experience in the accounting industry and know the value of having a CPA license. A business degree will allow you to work in just about any industry but a CPA license will allow you to work in the one you want to.

Q: Overall, do you have any advice for students who want to achieve what you have achieved, academically and professionally?

A: Be professional; direct, honest, and humble. Put forth your best effort, learn from your mistakes and take criticism without defensiveness. It is a competitive world so attain the highest degree, certification, or license you can, as early as you can. There will be plenty of time for working and earning money once you’ve completed your educational goals.